Newgen Interview Experience | Off-Campus

Following are 4 rounds which had been conducted in off-campus as well as in on-campus placement drive of Newgen Software Technologies (Noida):

Round 1 (Aptitude Test):

The first round was an Aptitude test which contained Quantitative Aptitude questions, general English verbal questions and questions based on Data Interpretation. First round lasted about 1 hour, where candidates were provided printed question paper and we had to submit our answers on separate answer sheets.


1. You can refer to practice section of GeeksforGeeks for the practice of general aptitude questions that will be enough to clear this round easily.

2. Attempt every question because no negative marking was in this round. Practice some questions on your own to increase your problem solving speed.

Round 2 (Psychometric Test):

This round was again an offline round. In this round a printed question paper was provided with psychometric questions (More than 80 questions). We had to attempt this within 30 minutes of time so this test was to know your natural decisions and behavior which should be taken in fixed span of time. Questions were easy and answer solely depends on the candidate.



After these two rounds candidates were not shortlisted but their answer sheets were evaluated by Newgen’s recruitment team. These scores were sent to interviewer for the next round and contains some weightage in the recruitment.

Round 3 (Technical Round):

In this round questions related to coding, Java, JavaScript, SQL were asked along with 2 puzzle questions.

(1) In Java, I was asked to write program for polymorphism and inheritance. Some basic questions on OOP’s concept were asked. I was asked to write a program to check the string is palindrome or not.

(2) In  JavaScript, question related to syntax and basic functions were asked. Some other questions like : (a)How to connect a js file from html code and what is defer and sync? (b) Difference among ‘undefined’,’null’ and ‘NaN’ ?

(3) In SQL , simple queries were asked based on ‘order by’ and top function. One question was to find top 10 employees with respect to salary.

(4) My project was based on Android so only one question was asked from that which was to explain my project and how I did that?

(5) 2 puzzles were asked at the end of the interview (a) You have 3 boxes with incorrect labels on that and one box contains only oranges, another one contains only apples and third one contains mixture of apple and orange then we have to correct the labels of them. (b) Second question was same to the 3 bulbs and 3 switches puzzle.

Tip: Overall if you know the basics of java, javaScript, SQL, html and css and you have knowledge about what you have done in your project then this round is not that difficult. 

Round 4 (HR):

In this round, recruiters were noticing confidence level, communication skills and how much do you know about them already (i.e. have you done some research to know about them or not).

If you have checked these 3 things then you are selected in HR round.

My Interview Result: HIRED.


For leaning Java, javaScript, SQL and Puzzles, you should refer to GeeksForGeeks as it has helped me in the interview and the content is in a managed way which makes learning topics easy to learn.

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