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Newfold Digital Endurance International Group Interview Experience | On Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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Newfold Digital, formerly Endurance International Group, is an IT services company specializing in web hosting. It is the world’s largest web hosting and domain registration company that was formed on February 10th, 2021 by merging Endurance International Group with by Clearlake Capital Group. They visited our campus on August 18th and 19th, 2021.

Round 1(Online MCQ): The first round was conducted on Talview Platform this round had 60 MCQ’s on Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, and a few questions on Linux (Concepts like forking, etc). The first round had various students from CSE, ISE, ECE, MCA, and MTech too, there were around 450+ students in this round.

Round 2(Online Coding): This round comprised of Coding Questions on HackerEarth Platform and around 30+ students made it to this round. There were 3 questions that I had to complete in 1hr.

The Questions were Moderate to High Difficulty Levels.

  1. String Mismatch – Given a string S of length N you can select any substring from the string S and reverse that string, such that the corresponding different characters in S and reverse(S) is considered as a mismatch, your task is to find the maximum number of mismatches when this operation is performed.
  2. Maximum Length Subarray – Given an array of N integers you had to find the length of the maximum length subarray comprising of only prime numbers.
  3. String Minimization – Given a string of lowercase characters a, b and c and you had to minimize the string based on some conditions, something like you had to divide the string into two parts and append them such that if the same characters occur in Suffix and Prefix then you can remove them.

Round 3(Technical Interview 1): This round was conducted on the Google Meet platform, the panel had two interviewees who asked me numerous questions to test my core concepts, and the interview was almost 1hr, almost 14 students made it to this round.

  1. Tell me something about Yourself.
  2. Tell me something about the Projects mentioned in your Resume.
  3. Then I was asked questions on my Node.js Projects, questions like Why did I Choose Node.js and why not some other framework, and what did I use for the database.
  4. They asked me questions on Java for Android, Flutter, Node.js, and JavaScript as they were mentioned in my Resume.
  5. What is an Interface and Abstract Class in Java?
  6. What is the TCP/IP Model explain all the layers and your understanding about these layers in Computer   Networking?
  7. Explain the concept of Thrashing and why does it occur.
  8. I was asked the difference between SQL and NO-SQL, their use case why did I choose them, and what is my thought process for choosing a database.
  9. How Indexing works in SQL (In-Depth).
  10. How Hashing works. (Implementation with Time Complexities).
  11. What is Horizontal Scaling and what is Vertical Scaling, with Examples?
  12. What are the Consistency Issues in Horizontal Scaling and how to get rid of them (Propose a Plan)?

Then I was asked to write a PseudoCode for a problem statement followed by a Dry Run for the same,

Problem: Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters and finding the Middle Element of a Linked List in an O(n) approach.

Round 4 (Technical Interview 2): This round was conducted on the Talview platform, the panel had just one interviewee, the interview was almost 1hr, around 6 students made it to this round.

I was again asked questions about my projects, and why I made them and what technology stack I used in them, and why.

  1. Tell me about something Yourself.
  2. Why is Node.js so popular.
  3. What is Multithreading give some examples?
  4. What are Concurrency and Parallelism?
  5. What is Race Around Condition?
  6. Why is Node.js free from the race-around condition.
  7. Explain about working of Node.js especially the Non-Blocking Approach
  8. How do I Integrate Google maps API into an Android native project (In-Depth)?
  9. What is the difference between Native and Cross-Platform Apps?
  10. Which is a better option Native or Cross-Platform and why.

Then I was asked to Implement a program to Add Two Arrays (something like this) and I was asked to write a Pseudocode and also asked about which Data Structure I would use and also why.

Then I was asked to design a Data Structure and write an Algorithm for a Problem Statement.

Suppose there is a room with N people and there are two possibilities 1. Either two people will meet and greet or 2. Two people will meet and not greet, So I had to design a data structure so as to store this data, such that there are no Duplicate Greetings, Remember if A meets B, that would also count as B meets A so you have to eliminate that case also, Give it some time it isn’t that hard.

Round 5(HR Round): In this round I was asked HR-type Questions and was done in almost 15mins, around 3 students made it to this round.

  1. Tell me something about Yourself
  2. Tell me what did you learn in your previous Internship
  3. Tell me how do you handle Failures
  4. How do you propose to Plan a day according to the tasks assigned to you?
  5. Describe yourself in One Word.
  6. What do you know about the Company?

After all these rounds 3 Students were selected for the company, including me : 

The Interview experience was smooth and had moderate difficulty provided you were through with the Core Subjects and had Good coding experience, so start with GfG Practice and LeetCode already.

Interview Tips:

  1. Get there 5 mins early even if it’s ONLINE.
  2. Got an Interview in 10mins? Plugin your headphones and listen to your fav song <3. (Don’t Fall asleep !)
  3. Web-Based Projects are quite important for this company so make sure you have them and you’re thorough with them.
  4. Don’t panic if you don’t know an answer just, think for 2 minutes and give a basic outline of what you know. (Don’t Play with the Interviewee !)
  5. If you’re reading this early try to get an internship (Just in Case, Helps during Placements)


This article is contributed by Allen Benny

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