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Netapp Interview Experience for Member of Technical Staff | On-Campus 2020
  • Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2021

Round 1 Online Assessment 90min

  1. 3 Coding questions
  2. 30 MCQs from OS, CN, Linux, DBMS, etc.

Round 2 Zoom Video Call Technical Round 1 (50 min): All the project Discussions mentioned in my resume in detail. (25-30min)

  1. 1 Coding question based on a string. Return true if either 1st char of word is Capital and rest are small or All Capital or All Small else return false. (15-20min discussed 2-3 approaches and finally agreed using 2 variables and to count Small and Captial letters.)

Round 3 Zoom Video Call Technical Round 2 (30-35 min):

  1. Coding Questions
  2. Write a program to calculate the height of a tree.
  3. How would find an intersection in a linked list? (Discussed 2-3 approaches)
  4. Write a program to find level order traversal.
  5. Question on OOPS Concepts, Virtual Function, Virtual Destructor, Process vs threads, etc.

I was sure of getting an HR Round Call but didn’t receive it. 

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