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Oracle Interview Experience for Member of technical staff

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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Oracle had come to our college on 21/08/2020. It had offered 2 roles- Application development and Server technology. The first round was an online test which was very extensive. It had the following sections

  1. Aptitude, Logical Reasoning (tough)
  2. Coding MCQ(medium): All the questions were based on Binary trees, Binary Search Trees and AVL Trees
  3. Technical MCQ(medium): Questions were based on DBMS, OS, CN
  4. Verbal Ability(easy)

The main constraint was time. It was very important to have accuracy along with speed. Based on the first round, they had segregated us into Server technology and Applications Engineer.

I was shortlisted for the Server Technology Role

Technical Interview 1: I was asked about what I had done recently. I explained to the interviewer about the Cloud course that I had done. He asked me a few questions about one of my projects which were on networking. As he also had been working on a similar product as the project mentioned in my resume, he asked me a few questions about cipher keys, a man in the middle attack, and some basic security concepts I knew about. He asked this coding question:

Print the string after removing all its duplicates. (It was supposed to be case-insensitive, i.e. K and k meant the same)

Technical Interview 2: I was asked to elaborate on my internship project. I was asked some questions on networking such as the difference between GET and POST, port numbers of some important ports. Next, I was asked this coding question:

  1. Find Second largest element in an array
  2. Puzzle: Puzzle | Set 35 (2 Eggs and 100 Floors)

Technical Interview 3: The interviewer asked me how good I was at DBMS. Then she asked me the following queries:

If you are given Employee and Department tables, how will you find out the name of the department which has 0 employees? 

What is a view? What happens when I want to insert into a view? Does it get reflected in the actual table? What are the conditions under which the changes will be reflected?

Explain the type of Joins

She asked me to explain the project which was mentioned in my resume, in which I used DBMS and Java. She asked me to write some complex queries written in my project. She asked me to explain the ER diagram, the relations I used.

The interviewer then asked me about any queries I had. 

Result: I was selected for the Server Technology role

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards GeeksforGeeks. I would not have been able to answer the questions, especially in the Technical Interview 2 round, without their collection of archives. 

My advice to all the upcoming students would be to go through all the archives of the company. Practice aptitude in a timed method in order to be able to develop accuracy. Know everything mentioned in your resume. Be very thorough with OOPs, OS, DBMS irrespective of what your specialization is in.

Thank you

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