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Adobe Interview Experience | (For member of Technical staff)

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:(Online Coding round)
There were 3 coding questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Question level was easy and easy -medium.

  1. Given a bag of capacity 1 kg to 3 kg. The bag can contain a maximum of two items at a time and total weight of items in the bag should be between 1 kg to 3 kg (because of the capacity of the bag). There is an array of items which is denoting the weight of the item. ith index  item weight is arr[i].  Given that every item weight is between 1 kg to 3 kg. You have to move all items from source to destination. Find out the minimum number of moves required to move all items.
    1<=n(total number of items)<=10^5
    (Hint:- Sort the array and apply two-pointer approach, in which the first pointer is denoting the first index of the array (minimum weight) and the second pointer is denoting the last index of the array (maximum weight)).
  2. Given an array with +ve and -ve values. Bob has to traverse the whole an array with an initial value of x. If the value is positive then Bob adds this value in x and if the value is negative then subtract value from x. So it may be possible that at a particular index of the array, Bob has a value of x <=0. So you have to help of Bob to find out minimum value of x such that x always remain >=1 for every index of the array.
    (Hint: Find out what can be minimum -ve value possible for x that would be the answer.)

Those who solved all three questions or 2 complete and 1 partial (more than 10 test case) were shortlisted for the interview round (12 students were shortlisted).

Round 2: Interview

This round was totally based on coding questions. In this, the interviewer was only asking coding questions from every student.

    (slight variation is that print sum of all nodes of maximum Binary Search Tree)
    (interviewer was very friendly and he gave me a hint to solve 3rd question and finally, I solved it).

8 students are shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 3: Interview

Interviewer studied my resume and asked about my projects (briefly). Then he started to ask Operating System questions.

  • What are process and thread? Difference between them. Real life example of them. Assume you are given four threads which take 1 sec to execute completely and given is 1 CPU with one core processor. How much time will the processor take to execute all threads? Now, what will be the effect on the execution of threads of different priority or the same priority if all threads come at the same time? Now if the single-core processor is changed to a dual-core processor, quad-core processor then what will be the time of executing all threads. Now change 1 CPU to 2 CPU, 4 CPU with a single-core, dual-core,   quad-core, octa-core processors, now what will be the time to execute all threads.
    (I give all answers with patience, I did not know answers which I gave were correct or not).
  • What is Deadlock?
  • Puzzle:

6 students were shortlisted for the further rounds.

Round 4: Interview

  1. The Interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Asked about the first project which was written in my resume.
    A thorough discussion went on for about 30-35 minute over the project. Questions were like – how to implement a particular feature in it. If I changed it what will effect on project or on output.
  2. He asked me whether I knew object-oriented programming or not. I said yes but he did not ask any questions over it.
  3. He moves over DBMS which was written in my resume.  Asked about what is normalization, why it is used. Types of normal forms and details about every normal form. How to resolve if any table does not follow particular normal from.
  4. Design a database schema of college time table, which has attributes like teachers, students, classrooms, courses, every year (from 1st year to final year ). How to normalize it. How the tables will look like and how will they be related to one another.
  5. finally asked me do you have any questions.

5 students are shortlisted for further round.

Round 5: (HR round)

  1. Introduce yourself, talk about your family background
  2. Name of your dream company and why.
  3. Names of adobe product in the market.
  4. A Brief discussion about my project.
  5. What do you want to change in Adobe photoshop?
  6. What do you expect from Adobe?
  7. Why did you not do an internship?
  8. Why do you want to join Adobe?
  9. What types of companies you would prefer to work?
  10. Strengths and weakness.
  11. Asked CEO name of Adobe (I did not remember it at that time :p ).
  12. Gave a chance to ask any question from my side.

Finally, 4 students are selected for a full-time role and I was one of them.

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