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NCR Corporation (On-Campus Recruitment Drive)

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Online test:

This test consisted of 2 sections. One section was coding and the other was MCQs

  • Coding section: This section contained 2 questions and time given was 30 min.
    1. Write a program to check whether the given number is Armstrong or not.
    2. Write a program to print the given number in a binary representation.

There was no compiler to compile it and execute. We were just asked to write the code.

  • MCQs section: This section had 4 sub-sections which included aptitude, verbal, logical reasoning, and technical MCQs.The difficulty level of aptitude, verbal and logical reasoning questions was easy to medium. Technical MCQs were mostly on c and c++. Other topics like operating systems, DBMS were also covered. The duration of this section was 60 minutes.

Around 480 members attended the first round out of which 94 were selected for the next round.

Technical Round: 

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. When I started introducing me, he stopped me and asked to tell something which is not there in the resume. Then, he asked me to explain the projects which I did and also about my internship since I mentioned it in my resume.

Then, he asked me some of the OOPS concepts like inheritance, encapsulation, etc. He asked me to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Later, he asked me to implement a stack using arrays and a few more questions on arrays.

Then he asked some of the basics of c++ like the use of const and static keywords, struct definition, and declaration, the disadvantage of using #define, etc.(concentrate more on c and c++ since most of the questions were asked on those).

From this round, around 40 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Managerial Round: 

In the round, the emphasis was more on how you would manage a tough situation. He gave me some situations and asked me to tell how I would handle those situations.

Then, he went to some technical stuff like the use of the virtual keyword, when to use virtual destructor and all that. (Again, concentrate more on c and c++)

Then, he asked me a puzzle: There is a man sitting beside the river. He is having a cornfield from which he has to take 1 kg of corn and put it in his bag. The capacity of the bag is more than 1kg. The other items which the man contains are chalk and a 1kg stone(no measuring device). How does he fill the bag with 1kg of corn?

Out of 40 students, 25 were selected for the HR round.

HR Round:

This round was pretty cool.He asked me to introduce myself and asked me about my family background.

Then, he asked me some of the questions like why NCR, How do you want to see yourself after five years, Why you are not going for MS, etc. Though he looked dissatisfied with my answers, that was just to test my confidence.

Finally, 18 were selected for the company and luckily I was one among them.

Geeksforgeeks really helped me a lot in cracking the placement as many of the questions were asked from this website. I would recommend everyone to practice at GeeksforGeeks.

All the best.

Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019
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