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NCR Corporation Interview Experience for SDE | Off-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021
Geek Week

Round 1(Online Test): I got an Interview opportunity by CodeWar it was a coding contest organized on the HackerEarth platform, the question was medium level, it was organized into different slots and every slot had different questions.

  • I had two DSA related questions and around 10 MCQ questions related to computer fundamentals and java, I solved all two Algorithmic and MCQ questions. 
  • Finally, students got selection mail who have solved 1+ programming questions and after resume selection, some students got an Interview opportunity I was one of them.

Result: Selected

Round 2(Programming Interview 1): 45 min

In my 1st interview, I was asked 2 programming questions and some OOPS questions.

  1. 1st question:
  2. 2nd question:
  3. OOPS question: what is the use of inheritance, why do we need OOPS

I had written code for the above two questions and explained two approaches of both the question in 45 minute times.

Result: Selected

Round(Interview 2): 45 min

In this round, I was asked multiple oops-related questions and I had to explain every concept along with writing Code.
some of the questions are following:-

  • Explain polymorphism (I have explained every concept and written code for that)
  • Why doesn’t a const method override a non-const method in C++?
  • Why can not we pass an object by value to a copy constructor? (I had explained why it will go to infinite loop then written code to demonstrate that)
  • Virtual Destructor
  • what will be the size of an empty class?
    I was asked many small questions related to OOPS I can’t remember all.

Result: Selected

Round(Managerial Interview): 45 min

I was asked various managerial questions like How I will work in a team? I have explained each and every question by taking my real past Experience.

  • I was asked one Puzzle
  • I was asked many questions related to subjects like the time complexity of various algorithms (binary search, quick sort, mergesort).
  • Why and when we can use quick sort over merge sort?
  • Which has better worst-case time complexity unordered map or map?
  • what is SDLC?
  • Why do we use Agile?
  • Some pseudo scenario like how you will work in that scenario?
  • How you will solve the conflict in the team.
  • How you will present your idea if no one wants to listen?

Result: Selected

Round 5(HR Round): 15 min

  • Why do you want to join NCR?
  • What is the full name of NCR?
  • Do you have any current offers?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I watched the promotion video of NCR. That video helped me to perform well in the HR round(

Result: Selected

I have completed my 6 months at NCR Corporation and I can say that this company have very good work culture, Projects, and work-life balance and lots of facilities like free medical, vaccination, etc 

Thank you

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