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NCR Corporation Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021

The Hiring Process was:

  1. Pre Placement Talk
  2. Assessment Test
  3. Technical Interview
  4. Managerial Interview
  5. HR Interview

The Preplacement talk happened on 23rd August and just after that, we received the test link.

Round 1: Assessment Test

  • The test was conducted on Hackerrank Platform. The questions were different for each branch and specialization. I am from the CSE branch. There were in total 7 sections with a total time of 67 minutes.
  • There were 10 questions each from Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Pseudo Code, Operating Systems, Unix, 5 questions from a Networks, One Coding question, and one from SQL.

We received the result the next day and about 50 people were shortlisted for Technical Interview

Round 2: Technical and Managerial Interview

We were just prepared for Technical Interview but surprisingly both happened together. There were two interviewers.

  • The first started by asking my brief introduction then started asking me Technical Questions. She started by asking questions regarding basic language questions. I was proficient in Python but they had a requirement of Java so asked me to do these problems in Java.
  • Write a code to explain Method Overloading.
  • Write a code to find Fibonacci Series.
  • and other theoretical questions like Abstraction, Interfaces, Inheritance, etc
  • When do we use extends and implements in Java?
  • Why it is machine-independent.

This part did not go that well but then she moved to DS as that was my strong part. She asked 2 to 3 questions from each of the data structures. Most questions were regarding basic knowledge of each DS and some complexities. Some of the questions I remember are:

  • What is the difference between Linked List and Array
  • What is a Doubly Linked List?
  • Write a code for Push Operation in Stack.
  • Minimum stack to implement a Queue and how do we do it?
  • Advantages of Binary Search Tree and why do we want it to be balanced.
  • Algo for traversal in a tree.

Then moving to SQL she asked me questions like:

  • Different Languages in SQL.
  • DML and DDL.
  • Candidate Key and Primary Key.
  • DIfference between Unique Key and Primary Key.
  • Why do we use joins?
  • On Cross Join what happens to the no to columns.
  • Difference between Drop, Delete and Truncate with Examples.

There were a lot of questions, I can remember a few of them mentioned, This part lasted about 50 minutes. After that the next interviewer started the interview, He was listening to all the parts and asked me some technical questions which I could not answer properly. Then he asked me about my Project and wanted me to explain it and the technologies used. Then some Managerial Questions like:

  • Why do you want to join NCR?
  • What are the things that give you interest in the Company
  • What are your further study plans
  • In which domain do you want to work in the company
  • What are your expectations from the company
  • What is your weakness
  • and so on.

This part lasted for about half-hour. I would suggest you prepare the theory well for the technical part and be confident and honest during the Managerial Part. The interviewers were helpful and were helping if I was stuck at some small parts.

After about 10 days we received the results and 12 students were shortlisted for the HR interview.

Round 3: HR Interview

This took around 20 minutes.

First, She asked me to introduce myself and my family details. Then he asked a few questions:

  • About my family members
  • About my hobbies
  • Then she asked me what I know about the internship and explained me.
  • Then gave some insights about the work experience.

The next day we received the results through our TPO and I was one of them.

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