Nagarro Women Pool Drive 2020 | Trainee Technology

I applied online for the Nagarro Women pool drive in Jan 2020 and interviewed at Nagarro Gurgaon Office.

Round 1[Jan 2020]: Online MCQ round of 1 hour on Mettl Extension where they check your knowledge of aptitude, technical objective questions like Time complexity, the output of a given program and Data Structures and Algorithms.

Round 2[Feb 2020]: The Second round was at Nagarro Gurgaon Office. It was a pen-paper coding round. There were three questions to be completed in approx 70-80 minutes. They just need the logic/pseudo code. You can code in any language like C, C++, Python, Java. The questions were:

Problem 1: Given an array of size MxN and coordinates of starting of subarray (x, y). You need to rotate that subarray and then print the full array after rotation.

Problem 2: Given a string, say sentence=” this is crazy and fun” and a list, say name=[“is”, “fun”].  Now you need to capitalize on the first letter of every word in the given string which is not present in the list.

Output: “This is Crazy And fun”

Problem 3: Given three sorted arrays A, B, and C. Write the most efficient algorithm to find the 5th largest element among the three arrays.

Tips: Write the code clearly and with proper logic. If you don’t know an optimized solution, try to write the brute force approach to the problem.

Many students are asked to “Leave for the day” after this round. So prepare accordingly.

Round 3[Same day]: Next was the Technical Interview. They didn’t check my resume. Jumped onto the three questions they asked in the previous round. He discussed with me and approximately all of my three questions were correct. Then he asked me another question on the array and asked to write the code. I wasn’t able to provide the full code. Then he told me how to solve and discussed further. It went well.

Round 4[Same day]: HR Round

The HR asked the basic questions like:

  • Why Nagarro?
  • Any offers in hand?
  • Brief me about yourself?
  • Your coding rank in your class?
  • Rate yourself in coding language you know.
  • About resume
  • Favorite Coding Language

Takeaways: Prepare DS well. Work on your communication skills. Write the optimized code. Be confident.

A big shout out to “GEEKS FOR GEEKS” for such amazing material to learn, study and code.

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