Nagarro Trainee Technology Drive for Female candidates

Round 1: It was an online test on mettl which contains 40 MCQ based on DS, Algorithm, Logical Ability,   Quantitative Aptitude.

Round 2: It held in Nagarro Gurgaon Office, It was a pan paper coding test, there are 3 coding questions in this round and 75 min to complete them.

Question 1. I just forget this one

Question 2. Find the largest palindrome string in the given string.

Input : “abaeeccddccff”

Output: “ccddcc”

Question 3. Swap two word in the given string.

Input : “swap two and three in given string”

Output : “swap three and two in given string”

Round 3: Technical Interview it is based on your approach how you answer these  3 questions, asked about basic data structure question and about your project and internship.

Round 4: Describe about yourself, why you want to join Nagarro, Checking you knowledge how much you know about Nagarro.

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