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Coderita – Online Coding Competition For Women By GeeksforGeeks

Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2021
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For many decades, we’ve seen women contributing to society incredibly. Whether it’s about finding success in the corporate world or leading governments across the world, it’s truly inspiring to see them shattering the glass ceiling. They have always been a true inspiration and there is so much to learn from them (Yes, even for men too!).

Coderita 2.0 By GeeksforGeeks

Despite having numerous achievements in every field, they are still subjected to stereotypes that intend to question their calibre. One of the things that one frequently gets to hear is that women can’t code and are inferior to men with respect to mastering technical skills. Even with the world witnessing multiple achievements on behalf of women, one often gets to face discrimination from organizations. But, here at GeeksforGeeks, we know that women are not in any way lesser than men. All they need is a platform to showcase their skills and prove their excellence. And, in the same context, we are coming with Coderita – An online coding competition for women! Isn’t it exciting?

So, what is Coderita?

You must be very curious to know about Coderita, so let us explain to you what exactly it is. Coderita is a 1- Day online coding contest that is designed only for the female coders (Yes! only for Women) to appreciate their programming skills. The contest will be held on March 07, 2021. Also, some exciting prizes are just waiting for you! So be ready for the Coderita contest.

Contest Details

The only thing to remember here is that Coderita is only for female coders. Also, this is FREE. You can register yourself for Coderita Contest. Coderita will be a single round contest where you have to solve problems within a duration of 120 minutes. The contest will be conducted online where you can participate from any of the geographical locations, all you need to have is a laptop and a net connection (yes, nothing much!).

  • Date of the Contest: March 07, 2021
  • Timings: 2 hours (5 PM – 7 PM)

Get Ready for the Live Webinars!

Let’s come to the most interesting part of Coderita 2.0!!!! To celebrate International Women’s Day in geeky style – we’re coming up with the webinar sessions for the entire week – where we bring to you 7 women coders each day who will share their interview experiences, views on different topics, and much more that will surely help you in achieving your career goals. Check the schedule and other details from below:

So, get ready for some great and insightful webinars with women who Slay with their Codeplay!

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