Nagarro Interview Experience of Trainee Technology for 2020 batch

Round 1:  First round  was the online test consisting of 40 MCQs from aptitude and 20 MCQs were from the data structure. for correct ans you will get +2.5 and wrong ans there is -1 mark.

in aptitude question were of series, analogy, profit loss and all and in data structure mostly question were based on complexity of algorithm (as quick, merge, heap sort ).

i did 12 questions of aptitude and all DS question and cleared this test and i gave test on morning and at evening i received the email for interview invite .and duration of between test and interview was approx 7 days .

Round 2:  For this round they invited me on their own office, Gurgaon .there gave the three coding questions .

questions level was as one is easy, one medium and  another questions were

1.rotateSubmatrix(submatrix[][], start row index, start column index);

explaination: rotate the submatrix of given matrix clockwise 90degree.

Hint:refer geeksforgeeks

for this you just have the knowledge of matrix rotation clockwise 90 degree .and you can easily solve this .

2.findPair(int a1[], int a2[], int sum);

explaination: find out the pair of element which is near to the given sum .means the difference between  sum of elements of pair and the given sum should be minimum .


intialize d=INTEGER.MAXLENGTH, i, j, sum1=0, p1, p2;

for i=0 to <a1.length


for j=0 to <a2.length


difference=sum1-sum ;

if(difference<d) //as diff should be min

{d=difference;  //update difference

p1=a1[i];p2=a2[j]; //update pair value element


3.printFrequency(String str);

explaination: you have a string means like- “hello how are you miss” and you need to print frequency of each word like hello=1, how=1, are=1, you=1, miss=1;

Hint:use hashMap technique


char ar[]=str.split(“//”)//split string by space and add into array

HashMap<String, Integer> hp=new HashMap<String, Integer>();

for loop  0 to <ar.length

if hashmap doesnot contains string (word) then enter that word into hasmap as key and put its value as 1;


increase the value of perticular key which is already present in hash map (increase frequency if word again occured in array);

as you should write code for the given problem but you cam also write psuedo code as well . I gave the code to all three in java language.

after waiting 30 min we got result and they selected some girls for TR.

Round 3: In technical round they majorly focus on your code that you have written in your second round .

as me:

sir asked me firstly that tell me the complexity of your program (second question as i have described above). my answer was O(n1*n2)where n1=length of first array, n2 =length of second array.

then he asked is there any way to optimize this solution, then i said sir i think this is best way to solve this question according to me as at that time i could not click another solution .but you can suggest them as dynamic solution.

after that my next question solution was quite simple (third question as above) using HashMap (complexity O(1))and about that he didn’t ask me more .and after this next question of rotation matrix, about that he discussed much more…

note:they majorly focus on your approach to solve problem in min time, as possible.

approx after 20 min my TR became over .

and after 10 min ma’am called me and give me two forms to be filled because i passed my TR.

note: these forms having your basic info about 10, 12th education and rating your  programming, so, fill these form honestly because HR will ask question to you based on your this form info.

after  30 to 45 min they called me for HR round, he was very friendly.

HR question

1.Tell me something about yourself in brief

2.In which language did you code in your coding round

3.From which university you are graduating

4.What is aktu rank

5.Which rating will you give yourself at your own class level.

6.Are you placed anywhere

7.did you visit nagarro site.

8.How many rejection did you get.(i said one )

9.What was wrong in your first rejection.

10.When will you join.

11.Do you want to ask any question.(i asked one question).

then he said  ok then result we will mail you .after 10 days i got congratulation mail.

for my first and second and TR i prepared only from GeeksforGeeks. A special thanks goes to this site and overall experience was very good.


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