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Global logic Interview Experience for 2020 batch

Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2019
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Round 1:Online test on hackerearth platform. It has 15 mcq questions based on cs fundamentals like c++, java, networking, dbms etc and 3 coding questions.

I remember one

Check whether a number is a multiple of 3 and 5 and if it is check whether is it prime or not.

I solved 1 coding question and did mcqs well do i was selected for personal interviews

Round 2: technical interview round .Questions on javascript, java and algorithms were asked

1. Async/await in javascript

2. Multithreading in java

3. Frequency of every letter in a string

ant -triangle puzzle

Round 3:HR round. The hr discussed about the job role, my hobbies and interests and as the local was of Bangalore he asked me that if is suitable for me to relocate to Bangalore etc.

I got the offer.

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