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Multi-Messenger : A python project, messaging via Terminal

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The aim of this program is to let users mail/message on FB/SMS anyone using Terminal. The full project can be found here.

So, first of all, why Multi-Messenger ?

This is the first question which anyone will think about. The answer is simple, Terminal! Many of our work, now a days, lies in Terminal, talking about Programmers here in specific. So who wouldn’t like to message or mail or SMS someone quickly through Terminal?

Requirements :

For Linux Users:

  • In order to compile the program successfully, installation of the following modules is necessary
    Twilio Client: Run this code from Terminal

    pip install twilio
  • fbchat Module: Run this code from Terminal
    pip install fbchat

Preferred Method using pip [See installation manual for installing pip in Linux]

The project is open sourced, and the code can be found in Github. Twilio Client can be used to SMS someone, fbchat is used to send a message to your Facebook friend and gmtp library has been used to send mail using Python. Python AutoGUI has also been used here, to give the user an option of a dialog based option. It will help the user if he’s not in love with Terminal.
These screenshots show how it looks like:



Message Received:


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Last Updated : 30 May, 2018
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