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mTatva Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019

mTatva visited our college for campus recruitment. I appeared for the profile of AGI Software Engineer I. Since, the company needed good engineers for the role, so the interview process was long but full of quality.

Round 1: First round included the questions based upon your logical reasoning and how you can handle the problems. The interviewer was very chill, she provided me a very comfortable environment while conducting the interview. Starting with the basic introduction and the “Tell me about yourself”,  she started asking me about my areas of interests, and about the projects that I had done earlier. After getting a good idea about what I had done, she started to test my problem solving skills. She asked me a number of puzzles, and some codes, there were number of questions which included implementation of general intelligence, also, the interviewer guided me whenever I was stuck at any point, basically, all she was looking for was a good problem solver. The whole interview lasted around 1.5 hr, and then, after the interview was over, I was called for another round.

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Round 2: The second round of the interview was one of its kind. Rather than indulging into the formal introduction and all, the interviewer just asked me my name, and a little introduction and then he fired me up with a number of good quality codes. The whole interview was just about writing codes, he wanted to test the coding abilities of the candidates, which included codes on Trees, Data Structures, Trie, etc. The interview turned out to be very long, lasted around 4 hrs, but since I was just solving codes in the interview, I kinda lost track of time, and it was one of the most productive interviews I ever had. After the interview was over, I was told that I would have a skype interview with the CEO.

Round 3: I was called for the Skype interview, the CEO was very frank, and made me feel a lot comfortable. He started with basic introduction and things I have interest in, then, after that, he asked me practical problems that can be solved using Data Structures and other coding entities. He wanted to know how I would handle myself with real world problems. The interview continued till around 2hrs, and then, since it was too late, he told me to continue the interview next morning, he also gave me a question to think about by that time. Next morning, he asked me about the question he gave, turned out, I had interpreted the question wrong, so, he cleared me with the question, and after a little brainstorming and hints, I reached the solution. After that, he asked me a bunch of questions related to practical problems, and gave me an idea about the company, and the work associated. The interview in the morning also lasted around 1.5 to 2 hr. After this was over, I was put on hold, until I got a call for HR after a few days.

HR Round: The HR round was pretty usual, the interviewer asked me about why I wanted to join the company, and what inspires me the most. She was quite frank, and I also answered the questions normally. This call lasted around 15 min. After this, I got the final call from CEO.

Final Call: A few days later, I got the call where I was told that I had cleared all the rounds, then, the interviewer wanted to know about what I would love to work on. I told him frankly about what I like to work on, what I don’t like to do and all, and he understood that pretty well. Then, he congratulated me again and told me my joining date.

Probably the longest interview I ever had, but totally worth it.

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