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MpHrx (My Personal health rate express) interview experience

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Round 1 was taken on Aspiring Minds, it consisted of basic Logical reasoning and aptitude questions, then Automata fix section where you were giving incorrect codes and you had to correct the logical and compilation errors, there were 7 questions to be done in 12 minutes so speed was the key. Then Automata pro where we were supposed to do 2 Programming questions. Mine were:


All the codes were supposed to be optimized both in terms of space and time, only then the problems would pass all the test cases.

Round 2: F2F Interview
the interviewer was very friendly, he asked me to make structure of Linked list, then copy a linked list into another, then :


Then a puzzle, Given that a special balance has a property of measuring 3 balls at a time, where while measuring the balance can tell whether all balls carry equal weight or either one of them is heavier. How many trials are required to find a defective heavy ball in a bunch of 100 balls.
Ans: [log4n] for n balls.
Was able to solve it easily and went to second round.

2nd Round:
Basic Oops questions on difference between c and C++, then access specifiers
types and usage, project discussion
HR Round:
FAQs like Why a startup, Why should we hire you, Where do you see yourself after 5 years.

Out of last 6, 4 students were asked for the final set of rounds in their office by the founder himself

Last Round:
Why time complexity of building heap is O(n)
And a puzzle

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Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2017
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