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MphRx Interview Experience | Set 2

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2017


1. What are immutable classes?
2. How to make any class immutable?
3. How will you find the intersection of two lists/arrays in most optimized way?(I have given the solution to do it in O(n) time)
4. What is the difference between binary search and elastic search?
5. Project discussion.

Cleared round-1 and been called for F2F interview.

Round-2(F2F interview)

1. How will you check that the given binary tree is a binary search tree?
2. Print Common Nodes in Two Binary Search Trees
3. WAP to connect to oracle database in java using JDBC driver?
4. WAP to find all the combinations of a given string?
5. What is the use of indexes and views of a table in a database?
6. SQL questions based on joins, having, group by, order by clause.
7. Puzzle questions.

Round-3(F2F interview)

1. Given a file of size 100GB, how will you find the keyword “Error” or “Exception” in the file. Answered by suggesting the use of virtual memory concept.
2. What are indexes, views, clusters, triggers in databases?
3. WAP in Python to find an element in a list using binary search?
4. Few SQL related queries including left join, full join, intersect and union.
5. Puzzle questions.

Round-4(Technical + Managerial)

1. Discussion on project.
2. SQL queries including joins, group by, having, order by clause.
3. Concept of virtualization?
4. Puzzle questions.

Round-5(Co-founder round)

1. Why do you want to switch?
2. SQL queries on joins, aggregate functions, group by clause.
3. Puzzle questions.
4. Roles and responsibilities discussion.

Received call/offer letter from Head HR communicating that i am selected for the role. According to her, the co-founder was very much impressed by my problem solving skills and positive attitude towards work/life. I would like to thanks Geeksforgeeks for providing such valuable content.

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