TCS IT Wiz (Benefits And Personal Experience )

TCS IT Wiz is an inter-school annual it quiz .It is one of the biggest inter school quizzes in India. Students of class 8-12th can participate.
It is conducted by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) as the name of the quiz suggests .
They are broadly 3 stages – 1.prelims
2. Regional finals
3. National finals

You have to register on their official website before the event in your city .
You have to participate with a partner .

First the prelims are conducted in which around 20 questions are displayed on the big screen (some hints are also given), and you have to write down the answers on the sheets given to you .
After a 30 min break the top 5 teams are called on stage, after discussing the answers to prelims questions .
And then the regional finals begins .
There are 4 rounds, out of which 1 round is entirely dedicated to TCS .
All the 5 teams receive the tcs goodies (speakers, bag, pendrive/otg, certificate etc.) The winners and runner ups get something big always, the prizes are not fixed they change it every damn year .(in 2017, when I participated they were giving 40k and 20k amzon vouchers to the top 2)
The winners of regional finals then represent their city in national finals held at Taj, Mumbai

Experience –
I participated in TCS IT Wiz from Pune first when I was in class 10th, couldn’t even clear prelims .
Next year I was determined and I also prepared for it but like only a week . This time also I couldn’t clear the prelims ( we fall short of 2-3 marks I guess).
2017 was my last chance to get to regional finals yes my goal was only to get there, since I could not even clear prelims last 2 years . I prepared well for this one . After the prelims, we weren’t sure of clearing this time also . Our heart was pumping so fast when the names were being announced . And then we heard our names, we were so happy!!
We did not prepare for the stage rounds, but we gave a tough fight .we were on top of table
In round 2, but things changed from the TCS round. The final scores where -1.40
One right answer and we could have won the quiz (tie breaker though ?). We got some amazing goodies and wishes from our friends .

1.Winners of the regional finals get certificates signed by the CEO of TCS, which comes very handful in your future
2. Other prizes that i mentioned before also national finalists get even bigger prizes and get to personally meet and talk with the CEO of TCS.

For more details check out there website –

Thank you !

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