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Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer C1 | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2021

I had applied for Mindtree Software Engineer C1 (Off-Campus) in the first week of November. The entire process was conducted on WeCP platform, in which one can write as well as compile codes which will be visible to the interviewer. The hiring process comprised of 3 rounds.

Round 1: I had my online assessment scheduled on 13th November. The duration was 120 minutes. It had four sections: Programming, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Ability. The programing (C/C++ or Java only) section further had three parts:

  • Implementation: 2 questions of 50 marks each
  • DS and Algorithm: 2 questions of 75 marks each
  • Advanced Algorithm: 2 questions of 100 marks each

Round 2: My Technical interview was scheduled on November 23rd. The duration was 35 minutes. The questions that were asked to me are:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Difference between data abstraction and encapsulation
  • What is interface class
  • What is dynamic polymorphism and overriding concept
  • What is protected access modifier
  • What is constructor and its types
  • What is destructor
  • What is garbage collection
  • What is pointer
  • What is multiple inheritance
  • What is collection
  • Difference between array and array list
  • What is dictionary
  • How to do exception handling
  • What is bubble sort and how is it different from selection sort
  • What is double linked list
  • What is ref keyword and out keyword
  • Difference between stack and queue
  • What is static constructor
  • What is normalization
  • What is 1nf and 2nf
  • What are ACID properties
  • Difference between primary key and unique key
  • What is function
  • What is inner join and outer join
  • What is the use of HTML
  • What is the use of CSS
  • What is inline CSS
  • What is the use of javascript
  • Can we store integer value in a string variable

The interviewer also asked me to write a few basic programs which are:

  • Print the pattern
  • Sort a given array  using any sorting technique:  int[]={1,4,,8,9,5,4,7,10}
  • Write the 2nd highest salary from the table ‘Employee’
  • Design ‘Customer’ class with properties and methods The method should be called from outside.

Round 3: My HR interview got scheduled on 7th December. The duration was almost 6 minutes. The questions which were asked are:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Do you have any active backlogs
  • Are you okay with relocation
  • Tell me about your family background
  • What do you expect from Mindtree

Finally, I got my congratulatory mail from Mindtree on December 10th, which said that I had been shortlisted to receive an offer for the role of Software Engineer at Mindtree!

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