Microsoft Non-tech Coding round

Round 1: There is only one round in the Microsoft screening for full-time as a fresher. The test was conducted by a company hired by Microsoft which conducts tests for the same and the test was taken on the platform, the invitation key was provided by the invigilators and the test was covered by 4 sections as follows:

  1. Quantitative and analytics
  2. Hands on programming
  3. Coding
  4. WET

In the first section, 20 questions were given for 20mins. the second section also contained 20 questions and time was 20 mins for this section, the coding section had 2 codes for which we have given 15 mins, questions were distinct. The last section was about writing an essay on the topic “ROLE OF MEDIA IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY” for which 15mins were given to us.

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