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Microsoft Interview | Set 27

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019

Round 1: (1 h)

  1. Q1. Design a Garbage collector like java. How would you detect depended reference loop?
    Hist : Class design, Cycle detection algorithms for disjoint graph( List of connected graph)
  2. Q2. Find an element in a sorted rotated array in O(logn ) complexity.

Round 2:(1.h 15min)

  1. Q1. Given a sorted array having duplicate elements,how would you find first index of a given element in O(logn).
    Write code for it. Change the condition to find out last index of that elements.
    [ Hint Binary search]
  2. Q2. You have a dictionary of words. Given a word, print all anagram are in dictionary . State the data structure to be used to solve this problem.
  3. Q3. Design a Chip-Encryption system. Which will do following operation:
    • Take a word from user
    • Encrypt the word by some Private or public key cryptography or any other algo.
    • Transmit the encrypted word by TCP or UDp or SSL.
  4. Design the class diagram using OOD. Which design pattern you are using to achieve this.

Round 3:(1.h 15min)

  1. Q1. In a plane n points (X and Y) is given. How will you find out maximum co-liner points. Extend this algorithms. it for point(x,y,z) in 3D plane.
  2. Q2. Reverse a 32-bit integers. write code for it.
  3. Q3. What the different issue in multi-threading ? What is the difference between mutex and semaphore.
  4. Q4. You have a file with million words in it. Find most frequent 10 word in that file. Node that you can store all word in memory.
    (Note : Min-Heap + List )

Round 4 :
Skipped … 🙂

Round 5( 2h 30 min)

  1. Q1. You are given a Text, where all space, full stop and all punctuation mark is removed. You want to reconstruct the text by putting spaces between words.
    A dict is given and following API is also given.

    • Decide if the text can be converted a sentence with valid words or NOT.
    • Find how many way you can do the reconstruction of the text.
    • Find what is the minimum number of space can be used for this reconstruction.
    • For case (c) find out the indexes where you suppose to put a space.
    • Now recover the text to sentence in place .
      Subsequent Question:

    • 1. Why Greedy technique will not work for this?
    • 2. yes ! Backtracking will work, what is the problem of using backtracking ?
    • 3. Illustrate and explain how the solution is contracted from the Dynamic table ?
    • 4. Write the correct working code for (c),(d),(e).
  2. Q2. Given a BST, find out the minimum length form root to leaf with sum S. Note that:
    • Path from root to leaf node.
    • Sum of node of the path is S
    • if multiple such path exist, print minimum length path.
    • What is advantage of BST rather than BT used for this algorithm, how it improve the performance. in BST, is it required to explore both side ?
    • Write working codes for it.

Status: Selected ! (The interview call was for SDE-I, but they offer me for SDE -II(L61) position)

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