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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 149 (On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

Round 1:

It was on CoCubes Platform.

There are the following rounds for Microsoft –

However, on some Campuses, there are only Coding Round which has 3 Questions to be solved in 75 mins.

  • Number of Questions – 3 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 75 mins

or if Aptitude rounds are also there in Campus then

  • Number of Questions – 2 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 60 mins

Round 2:

1.Given 3 sorted arrays we have to find the minimum absolute difference between the min and max among the 3 elements from the arrays

2. Add 1 to a linked list this is a quite easy question.

  • Print the level order traversal line by line. I used a queue to solve the problem. He was very much satisfied with my code. so, he asked me a simple question next.
  • Given an array and the number. Find two elements whose sum is equal to the given number. First I said  O(N2) solution. He asked me to optimize. Then I said to use the hashmap. He was satisfied and asked me to write the code. He asked how hashmap is implemented and what is the process inside it.
  • He asked for my favourite language. Then he asked me questions about polymorphism and how it is implemented.

Round 3:

It was technical cum HR interview.

  • He started the interview by asking HR questions like Why Microsoft should select you?
  • Why are you better than other people? He was very impressed by my resume ( after seeing co-circular activities).
  • Then after 20-25 minutes of HR, he started asking me a coding question.
  • The first question he asked me was that there is an infinite stream of numbers and you have to give the median everytime a number is added (question can be found on geeks for geeks).
  • First, i gave him O(nlogn) approach but after thinking for some time, I gave him O(logn) time approach using Heap. He was impressed.

Firstly I have to tell all my previous problem then he gave me the problem similar to coin exchange problem.
Then some questions are asked about Where do you grow? In which field do you want yourself to grow? And finally the Microsoft products you are using like visual studio and then he gave a brief introduction to various fields in the organization.

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