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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 42 (For SDE1)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2015

I received interview call from Microsoft (Bangalore) for CRM team, SDE1 position for 1.5 year experience.

Round 1: 1 hour

It was a GD like interview, with multiple people in same room given same question and interviewer was discussing individually with every person.
Given 2 arays if integers, sort the first array based on order of 2nd array.
I started with brute force approach, then optimized to binary seacrh and then hashmap

Round 2: 1 hour

Same as previous round, one interviewer, multiple candidates same question individual discussion.

If you have a stream of incoming characters, reverse and print the string as soon as input is finished. Write a code for same

Round 3: F2F 1 hour


Flatten a multi-level linked list

Took a while to solve this one.
First I used a stack and then formed an algo without stack an without recursion.

Round 4: F2F 1.5 hour

A printed sheet of a c-program was given, had to find syntactical and logical error in program.

Connect all nodes of a binary tree which are at same level.
You can not store level information
<I used a variation of level order traversal>

Round 5: Hiring Manager <1 hour

Detailed discussion on current work, was grilled a lot

Reasons to leave current company

Reasons to join Microsoft

and other such questions


Keep thinking loud and discussing your thought process with interviewer. They will keep giving hints for you to reach solution.
Find a solution, any solution, and keep optimizing it.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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