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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 187 (For SDE1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2019
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Hi, Recently i was interviewed for Amazon SDE-1 Position in Hyderabad.There a telephonic round followed by 4 F2F rounds.

Telephonic Round:
1. Given a array find all the triplets which satisfy the triangle property(sum of 2 sides should be greater than third side)

2. Given a array find whether it is majority array or not.
Complexity: O(n) Space complexity O(1)

F2F Round 1:
1. Given a dependency where for java packages p1,p2,p3
This means p1 can be compiled when compilation of p2 and p3 done
p2 can compile when p3 is compiled
p3 can start as it does not have any dependence.
Figure out strategy to find the order of compilation of processes.
Ans:Topological sorting
2. Discussion on project
      Asked all concept related to my final year project.
3. Current project in company
      Challenges faced at company

2F Round 2:
1. Given a binary tree print its side view from left from bottom to top and right side view as up to downward .
Eg. For image 1 output will be 3, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8

and for Example 2( image 2) output should be C, B, A, D, F, I, L

2. Given a string find largest palindrome sub string in it.

3. What is virtual memory?
4. What is paging in OS?

2F Round 3:
1. Why are you looking for change in 6 months of experience .
2. Discussion on how to send notification to friends when a user post on social network like facebook
The discussion was on when to load friend list of user and he was expecting we should load friend list when user login.

2F Round 4:
1. Discussion on current project challenges faced
Situation when you have to take decision in absence of your team lead/Manager
2. Why are you looking for change in 6 months of experience

3. Given a special binary tree structure given in image 3 A node have 3 node pointers left,right and nextTwo adjacent node share there left and right as shown in treeGive tree whose node are set with next pointer as null.
you have to set the next pointer as shown in the figure .
If any node is null then the next of its prev node should be next of that eg. a -> b -> c (a’s next is b ,b’s next is c) if b is null then a’s next should be c.
4. What is virtual memory?
5. What is segmentation fault?

Note :- They expect fully working code in all round.

1. Think loud they always support you
2. Ask for hint if not getting.

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