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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 188 (For SDE1)

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Recently I am interviewed for Amazon SDE-1 position for Bangalore. There are 3 F2F rounds followed by a telephonic round.

As it was a drive, they asked everyone to write code for these problems
1. Add two numbers represented by linked lists
2. Longest Palindrome in a String

1st F2F:
1. Why do you want to leave your current company?
2. Why Amazon?
3. Find median in a stream
I told him min heap & max heap method, then he asked me who can you do it using trees.
4. There is a mxn matrix which contains only 1 & 0’s. You have to print the unique rows. I solved it using tries, then he asked why cannot I use hash map and asked to write the code using tries.
2nd F2F (Managerial Round):
1. Why Amazon?
2. Why leaving your current company so early?
3. Areas of Improvement , strengths & weakness
4. Given a prefix expression , convert into prefix tree and extended the qtsn for infix expression, time complexities etc.
5. Given a dictionary , and we have to query for anagrams for the word. extended the qstn to while typing the word we have to provide the autotype. Gave him a solun using tries.

3rd F2F:
1. In a stack pop fn will return you the value & pop the value and push fn will push the value into stack , so how do you implement top fn. asked for O(1) solun.
2. Write a fun to check whether a given tree is a BST or not.

Telephonic Round (Bar Riser):
1. Why Amazon?
2. Asked about current projects and college projects.
3. Asked me which is the best project I have done and asked me how do I improve its functionality, discussion went on this.

They will help you are struck just think loud.
Practice writing code on paper.

I thank GeeksForGeeks for this great work. 🙂

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2019
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