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Microsoft India Interview Experience for Summer internship

Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2023
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Microsoft visited my campus in July 2022. The complete process happened online for me.

Online Assessment:

After the test, the shortlisted students were scheduled for interviews. There were two interviews, one Tech, and one Tech + HR.

First Round: I was asked one question which was to find the longest increasing sequence (contiguous) in a grid, which I solved with a DP + DFS approach, The interviewer twisted some constraints in the question and asked questions around it and also asked questions on complexities of the solutions and what would happen if the constraints were scaled up, and also asked me to dry run some cases. 

Second round: Though it is a Tech. + HR round, I was only asked one coding question,  maybe due to a lack of time. In this round, he asked me to use any editor of my choice and to share the screen. The question was a variation of Top k numbers in a stream I was asked to do this question with words instead of numbers. After I coded the approach, he twisted the question a little bit, but it was manageable to answer. Again, this round also had a question based on scaling up the constraints of the problem. So the company asks questions based on the constraints, and to answer these questions, one must know the nuances of the method they are using to solve the problem.

The completion of the second round concluded the process, and the results were announced the next day.

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