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Microsoft Associate Consultant Summer Internship Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2021

Shortlisting criteria: Resume and CGPA based (students were asked to fill a google form and 9 students were shortlisted). Each round was an elimination round and the interview happened on the Microsoft teams application.

Round 1: Technical round (1 hour)

  • The interviewer was very friendly. She introduced herself and then asked me to give a self-introduction. I mentioned that I was the school pupil leader during my 12th grade so, she asked me if I faced any challenges during that period. Then, she moved on to technical concepts.
  •  DBMS is my area of interest and so she asked me to provide a query for a database. Then, she asked me a question on arrays where I was asked to use sorting algorithms to sort the array in descending order. 
  • I was asked to add a few conditions on the algorithm by inserting and deleting an element from the array. Finally, she asked me to explain the Object-Oriented Programming concepts (Class, objects, four pillars of OOPS). She asked if I had any questions for her. 
  • I asked her for feedback and she gave positive feedback.
  • 6 students were shortlisted after this round and I was one among them.

Round 2: Managerial round (40 minutes)

  • The interviewer introduced himself and asked me to give a self-introduction. I included machine learning projects in my resume. 
  • He asked me to explain the projects. I explained the projects and the challenges faced. Then he asked me to explain the concept of inheritance by relating it to a real-life scenario. He asked me about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Then, he asked a few situation-based questions like:
  • How will you solve conflicts among team members while doing a group project?
  •  If your best friend is working in your team in Microsoft and he is into malpractice by going against the company policies, how will you handle it?
  •  There are two armies belonging to kingdom 1 planning to attack a kingdom 2. Those armies are placed on either sides of the kingdom and in order to attack the kingdom 2 on the same day at the same time, how will they communicate among themselves if the spies must go through the kingdom 2? Consider that there were no phones and internet during that time.
  • The interviewer then asked if I had any questions for him.
  • 6 students were shortlisted for the final round.

Round 3: HR round (15 minutes)

  • The interviewer asked me for a self-introduction. He then asked about my machine learning project. He asked me to explain the biggest challenge I encountered while doing that project.
  • Results were announced after 2 days. 4 students were selected for the internship and I was one among them.


  • Be thorough on the projects mentioned in your resume.
  • Be confident while answering the questions.
  • While answering technical questions, ask doubts to them to make sure that you are on the right track.
  • Think out loud while devising the solution.
  • Go through basic data structures, OOPS and DBMS concepts.
  • Relate to real-life examples while answering the OOPS concepts.
  • Mention the challenges faced while explaining a project.
  • Do a thorough research on the company, job role and current technologies.
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