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MetLife Interview Questions

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MetLife is a start-up in medical e-commerce industry. Interview process is 1 online coding test followed by 2 f2f interviews.

Could not recollect the online coding test problems.
Below are the interview questions

1) Find all anagrams in a given sorted dictionary
2) Given pack of cards represented as A1,A2…A13 and B1,B2,..B13, and C1,c2,…c13 and d1,d2..d13.
You are given a file which has 51 card numbers. Only 1 card is missing. Find the missing card.
3) How do you write an order service which scales horizontally. Into how many services can you split this. An architecture/design diagram and explanation is required

3) Write JSON Parser. What are the Data Structures used for this?
4) Write DFS code. What are the Data Structures used for this?
6) In an array all elements are repeated twice except one element. Find the element.
eg: 2, 3, 4, 4, 3 — In this 2 is the element which is not repeated.

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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2015
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