PNB Metlife Internship Experience

PNB METLIFE visited our campus for machine learning interns.

Round 1: Online Test

The test had 4 part.

  1. in the first part, they asked about probability and statics (15 questions)
  2. in the second part, they asked about the basic syntax of python and R(15 questions)
  3. third part questions were on machine learning and data science(15 questions)
  4. in the fourth part DBMS, OS, Hadoop, SQL query(15 questions)

18 students were selected for the further round

Round 2: Telephonic Interview

  1. the interview started with “tell me about yourself.”
  2. then asked me about my projects.
  3. One of my projects was on Deep Learning. So the interviewer started to ask me about Deep Learning. The questions were like the basic concept of deep learning about filter, pooling, flattening, Softmax, dense layers. Also, asked me how I implement backpropagation.
  4. then the interviewer asked me about machine learning algorithm mainly random forest, naive Bayes and their implementation in python.
  5. then he described a data set with each and every details and expected outcome and asked me how I preprocess the dataset and what algorithm I would use to get the desired output.
  6. then asked me some questions on SQL queries like left join, right join, use of LIKE, use of HAVING.
  7. then asked me how much I was experiencing in python. then asked me some python syntax, asked me about tuple, which one is faster tuple  or list, what is an immutable object, what is class, how we can implement inheritance in python

3 students were selected for the Internship including me.


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