Persistent Pune Interview Questions

Round 1: F2F.

Questions Asked:

1. What is encapsulation and data abstraction?
2. Create a class implementing Data – Abstraction, and Encapsulation.
3. Use char * in your class.
4. Create the instance of your class.
5. Is the memory allocated to the class when the object is created? (Class_name <name>;)
6. How dynamically memory is allocated in C++?
7. In which part of the memory area are the objects located after creation?
8. Are the class members initialized after object creation? Reason
9. What are the default functions provided in c++?
10. What is copy constructor?
11. When is the user created copy constructor needed for a class?
12. Difference between copy constructor and assignment operator?
13. Reversal of linked list. (Was not able to tell)
14. Pointers passing to a function in C and C++.

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