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Mastercard AI Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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The Hiring of Mastercard AI was done in two stages: 1. Online Test 2. Interview

Online Test:

  • Platform: Techgig(webcam enabled, tab switch not allowed, the platform was not user-friendly)
  • Time: 60 min

1 coding question on linear DP and MCQs based on aptitude, data science, and core CS subjects.

As this profile was open for only Maths And Computing students at my college, everyone who appeared for the online test got an interview chance.

Interview Process: 4-5 students were asked to join a common Zoom Lobby and were sent to separate “Breakout rooms” where the interviewer would be waiting. After one round ended, we were back in the common lobby and waited for the feedback to come, and hopefully the next round.

Round 1 and 2: Combined because questions asked in both rounds were based on the projects mentioned in your resume. Asked in detail about the projects.

The company preferred candidates which had projects based on deep learning and had sufficient knowledge to explain the projects in detail.

Round 3: Questions asked in this round were out of my knowledge, for most of the questions I answered that I don’t know. Some questions that were asked in this round:

  1. The physical significance of determinants, eigenvectors.
  2. Mathematical formula of distribution functions that we studied in Probability and Statistics course like Poisson distribution.
  3. Difference between list and tuple in python.
  4. Asked if I knew some tech stacks like Flask.

Round 4: Head of Mastercard AI Garage himself interviewed me. This round lasted for about 30 min and the first 20 min the interviewer himself explained in detail what work they do, teams that come under Mastercard AI, and what skillset they expect from the freshers they are hiring. In the last 10 min he asked, how a job at Mastercard AI aligns with your career goals and which team would you like to work with at Mastercard AI.

HR Round: General HR questions on Why would you like to join Mastercard, how have you spend your time after the lockdown, what challenges did you face during the lockdown, what life lessons have you learned due to the Corona outbreak, and lockdowns.

Finally, 2 people were hired by my college, and I was one of them.

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