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Mastercard Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021

My interview experience with MasterCard summer intern | on campus | for summer 2022

Round 1(Coding Round): There were two coding questions.

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  1. Given a binary matrix(matrix having only 0 or 1) we have to count a number of cells having at least one adjacent 1. (EASY)
  2. find LCA of the binary tree when the path array is given contains path strings. (Like path array [L,R,LL,LR] , nodes values  [1,2,4,5]). (MEDIUM)

 28 students were shortlisted after the coding round.

Round 2(Technical + HR): The following questions were asked:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Predict output of some c code (based on the static variable, string pointer in c ).
  3. Difference between malloc and calloc function().
  4. Print “hello world” without semicolon. (
  5. Explain one project.
  6. What are Git and common commands?
  7. OOPs, concepts & the difference between abstraction and encapsulation.
  8. Difference between call by value and call by reference (
  9. Some questions on databases.

HR Questions:

  1. I have an ECE branch why do I want to work in the IT sector?
  2. Asked about the course curriculum.
  3. and some basic discussion on my experience.

Finally, 9 were selected and I wasn’t.


  1. Prepared well your coding language concepts.
  2. Be confident and the interview is easy.
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