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Lowe’s Codeathon Interview Experience for SDE (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2021

I applied for this codeathon through Hackerearth platform. It was a hiring codeathon for Software developer and data analyst role. I gave SDE test. 

Round 1(Coding and Aptitude Round): There were 10 MCQs and 2 programming questions. The MCQs were simple and based on topics like probability, english grammar, sequences, etc. 

The programming questions were easy-medium level.

  1. Two numbers A and B are given. You have to find how many times B can be formed from the digits of A.  You have to consider 5 as 2 and vice versa and 6 as 9 and vice versa.
    A= 234569 
    Ans = 2 
    (29 and 56 can be
    formed from A)
  2. You are an array of uppercase strings. You have to find the max length of connected component of strings and minimum number of connected components required such that all strings are in exactly one connected component.

    Two strings are connected if one of following hold.

    Either of string has one different letter.

    ( represented as 
    {'H', 'A', 'R', 'Y'}) 
    (represented as 
    {'H', 'A', 'R', 'I'})

    Either string has one missing letter

    (represented as 
    {'L', 'A', 'T'}) 
    (represented as 
    {'L', 'A'})

    Test case

    arr = [HARI, HARRY, LATA, SARAH, LALA]  
    connected component 1 = [HARI, HARRY, SARAH]
    connected component 2 = [LALA, LATA]
    max length = 3 and 
    min components required = 2

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