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List the Fundamental Quantities along with their Units in SI System.

Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2024
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Following are the fundamental quantities along with their units in the SI system :

  1. Length – The basic unit of length in the SI system is the meter (m).
  2. Mass – For mass, the SI unit is the kilogram (kg).
  3. Time – Time is measured in seconds (s).
  4. Electric Current – The unit for electric current is the ampere (A).
  5. Thermodynamic Temperature – Temperature in the SI system is measured in kelvin (K).
  6. Amount of Substance – The unit used is the mole (mol).
  7. Luminous Intensity – This is measured in candela (cd).

These seven fundamental quantities and their SI units are the foundation of measurement in science and technology. A clear understanding of them is essential for accurate and standardized measurements across various fields.

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