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LinkedIn Interview Experience for AI Intern

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Hi, Today I just gave my interview for an AI internship at LinkedIn. So, I thought why not share it with others.

Before, I tell you about how my interview went let me tell you how I reached here. I used to maintain my LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date. One day, I was sitting in the café enjoying my coffee, I received a mail along with a Message on my LinkedIn profile from HR of LinkedIn stating she found my profile suitable for the AI intern, along with that, a Microsoft form was provided by her to fill it within the deadline (if interested). I kind of got amazed by the fact that HR of LinkedIn approached me???? I thought maybe it was a fraud, so I checked her name on LinkedIn and found that it is not a fraud. So, I filled out the provided form and within a week or so, I received a mail for sending the CV for ‘CV shortlisting’, I sent the CV and was in no hope to get my CV shortlisted. Then, I got busy in my mid sem and after that, I went to trip, when I came back I received a mail that “Your Interview is confirmed” I got shocked!!!!!!!! 

I prepared for that and the next day gave my interview which was on Zoom. The interviewer was very nice and polite. Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself (of course a mandatory thing), then he asked me about my college and then he went on to ask about my Machine Learning part. He asked me about my projects (dataset, the algorithm used, etc.) After this, he took my coding interview in which I need to code on ‘coderpad’, in the chat he provided the link, while, I was coding he was asking what I am thinking to code.

After the coding interview, he asked more about Machine Learning stuff. In the end, he asked me in which semester I am, he was shocked to know that I am in the first semester.

In the end, he suggested to me a few kinds of stuff and was kind of happy.

  • Asked coding question was similar to this:

Questions related to AI/ML field: 

  • Difference between Supervised and Unsupervised learning with example
  • Discussion related to my undergrad project,
  • Very minute details in my coding is discussed,
  • discussion related to my college and my coursework. 

That’s all folks! All the best!

Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2022
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