LG Soft Interview Experience

Round 1: Aptitude + Reasoning +Coding

I cleared the first round of LG soft, it was easy compare to other Companies . They usually take first round from Myanatomy which consist of Aptitude (10 questtion-10 mins) + Reasoning (10 question-10Mins)+ data structures (5 questions ) and at last one coding question (30 min), which you can solve in any programming language.

Round 2: Technical Round

For 2nd round they will call you at their office, me and my reached there at around 10:30 am, we waited for interview for around 2 hour, They were looking for Java developer + C++ developer, i applied for the java developer

One of my friend applied for C++ position, They asked question like about Interface with example and than one coding question related that i solved and than they asked for Collection classes like ArrayList, linkedList, Vcetor, Queue, Tree, Map finally they asked be question related to inheritance like what are the what are variables are accessible based on access modifier and also Based Class reference variable.

Round 3:HR

For 3rd round which was HR they usually asked question like about family Background and short term goal, weakness and strengths etc.


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