Pilani Soft Labs (redBus) Interview

I had three technical round of interviews. Two were telephonic followed by one skype interview with the team leader.

1st Round
->Whether a number is prime or not
->Reverse an array in O(N) time
->Bubble Sort
->Reverse Linked List in O(N) time without using any auxiliary space

2nd Round
->Explain one of your projects. Cross questions on them. Then he modified the original problem statement and asked to implement the same.
->1000 people standing in a circle. 1 kills 2, 3 kills 4, 5 kills 6 and so on. Who will be the last person alive. Code to implement the same.
->Implement the entire RedBus website from the Home page to Payment Gateway page. Approximately 45 mins of discussion on the same and cross questions. Data Structures to be used at every point and stuff like that.
->How to find second last element in Linked List
->How to find middle element in Linked List
->Program to segregate 0 & 1 in an array with O(N) complexity and compute total number of iterations.

3rd Round (Team Leader Round)
->Both sided Intro
->Good discussion on my projects (esp MNIT & BIT-Mesra)
->Technologies I have worked on. Questions on them.
->Will I be able to switch technologies if asked like Java & .Net. Other questions like that.
->Thereafter, he asked me when will I be able to join. So I got an idea that my interview went well and further discussions were based on the technologies I will be working at RedBus.

Finally, my candidature was accepted. Thank you GeeksForGeeks for providing a centralized platform to prepare for such interviews.

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