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Larsen & Toubro Infotech Interview experience for GET

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2023
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Sometimes, getting a job as a fresher becomes the most hectic task as you keep waiting for a moment when you can prove yourself but you are getting rejected at the very earlier stage.

This post dives into my interview experience at L&T Infotech as a fresher.

1st stage – The first stage consisted of coding and aptitude rounds. The difficulty level of the aptitude was somewhat medium and there were two coding questions.

The first question was mandatory to become eligible for the first offer to grab and even cross the second one for a higher package.

I was able to clear both questions. After a few days, I received the communication for the second round.

2nd stage – This was a technical interview round where the interviewer was very supportive. She had asked a number of questions in that hour slot. The topics include DSA, OOPs, Java, and OS. Further, she was having a good understanding of my resume and had asked about some of the projects mentioned on it.

3rd stage – This was a fitness + HR round where the interviewer provided me with a brief of the company, asked about myself, and then the storm session started. The questions were not related to any subjects but were general, about e-commerce, situation handling, etc. Though a tough one, but was great in having a clear understanding of each other.

After a week or two, I received my offer letter with my initial position as a GET.

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