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Autodesk Interview Experience

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The overall hiring process of Autodesk was quite intriguing.

The company currently has four rounds for hiring freshers.

Hiring Rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview(Round 1)
  3. Technical Interview(Round 2)
  4. HR Interview

Round 1 (Online Test):

Mainly there were 3 questions in this round. They were all pretty basic, 1st was from string, 2nd was from arrays and 3rd was a simple sliding window-based question. The time allotted for this round was 1 Hour and applicants were allowed to switch between questions as per their convenience. I completed this round in mere thirty minutes.

After the Online Test, 15 students were shortlisted for the Technical Interview Round

Interview Rounds:

Round 2 (Technical Interview-Round 1):

At the start of this round, the interviewer asked some generic questions like “Introduce yourself”, “What are data structures” etc. After these questions he moved on to asking me the first coding-based question which was “Calculate the height of a Binary Tree” along with logic and code, then he asked me about the implementation of Binary Search and its complexity, and after that, he moved on to asking me questions from DBMS and OOPS.

Round 3 (Technical Interview- Round 2):

The start of this round was pretty similar to the first round and after the basic questions were over, the interviewer asked me “How will you print the Left View Of A Binary Tree”, to which I gave a recursive approach, the interviewer was satisfied with my answer but asked “Can you give me any other approach which doesn’t involve recursion?”, fortunately I was able to come up with a solution with queue and gave him my solution and it was correct. The interviewer then moved on to ask me about the time complexity analysis of the approach that used queue. Then he started asking me questions from my resume most of which I answered pretty confidently the interviewer seemed happy with my answers but then he started asking me questions from Javascript which I had little experience with, questions such as “What is lexical scoping in Javascript”, and while answering these questions I flustered a lot, then he moved on to asking questions from the core subjects which were again pretty basic like “What are ACID properties?”, “What is Polymorphism? Explain Runtime Polymorphism.” etc.

Round 4 (HR Interview Round):

This round was fairly simple and didn’t have any technical questions, but rather the questions were mainly focused on the interviewee and their family background and what they knew about Autodesk, and why they wanted to be a part of the company after that the interviewer proceeded to ask me about the projects that I had on my resume and after that, the HR wrapped it up by asking me “Will you be able to work efficiently in an environment full of strangers?” to which I answered “Of course Sir!” and explained my reasons for saying so.

After the final HR Round, only 3 students were Shortlisted for the company and unfortunately, I wasn’t among those, three but I learned a lot and hopefully, this article will also help you in understanding what to do and what not to do during an intense interview.

Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2023
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