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Larsen and Toubro InfoTech Interview Experience

Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020
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LTI conducted a virtual on-campus drive for the post of Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET)- Level 1 and Level 2. First, totally there were three rounds- an online test, Technical HR, and General HR. To get a Level 2 post, you have to solve a coding question. It took almost a month for all three rounds to get completed. Though the wait was long, the result was sweet. I managed to clear all three rounds. And in this article, I wish to share my experience with the interview process.

Pre-placement talk: The first thing which happened was the Pre-placement talk. A person from the company spoke about the company, the selection process, pattern of the online test, guidelines for attempting the test. The thing which was most impressive about LTI was their policy to switch domains for the employees since this will be very exciting for a person like me, who is looking to learn more and more. The technical topics which are needed to be covered were also informed before the test. They were Basic Programming concepts, OOPS concepts, Basics of HTML and CSS, Basics of Networking, OS, and Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC). I had a week to prepare myself on these topics. 

Round 1 (Online test): The day for the online test came- it was the 29th of August 2020. The test was conducted on a platform called METTL. The first section was Aptitude. The next section was Logical reasoning and the third section was Verbal reasoning. All the three sections had 10 questions each and 10 minutes were provided for each of these three sections. And then came the Technical MCQs section, which had 40 questions from the topics which were informed in the Pre-placement talk and the questions were very basic. Nothing looked complicated. Then I was asked to write a paragraph on “Three ways to come out of mobile phone addiction”. The word limit was 200 and 10 minutes were given. The next thing was a psychometric test- 86 questions were to be answered in about 20 minutes. And the last section was coding- one coding question was given and the time given was 45 minutes.

Tips for Online tests: The first thing I would suggest is to keep your mind fresh before attending the test. Start the test with a positive frame of mind. That might help a lot in solving Aptitude and Reasoning questions since those questions would require you to think a bit, and keeping your mind fresh greatly helps. Be honest while answering the Psychometric test, because that helps the company to assess your personality. Before starting, try to divide the time provided equally for each question. While attempting, you should always keep an eye on the timer, no matter what. After attempting each question, have a look at the timer. Assess whether you are going as per the plan and if you find if you are late, just try to speed things up. Don’t lose the opportunity to answer questions because of a lack of time.

Round 2 (Technical HR): I cleared the online test but failed to solve the coding part. So I was eligible for the Level 1 post. It took almost a month after the online test for this interview to happen- the interview took place on the 24th of September. The first thing asked was as usual- self-introduction. I tried to make him know about my eagerness to learn and my technical aspects. Then he started throwing some technical questions to me. The questions were from the topics which I put in my resume- Python, OOPS, HTML, and SQL. I tried to answer them as much as I could and almost I did it successfully, except for one question- even that I answered but with some initial struggle. 

Technical HR:

  1. Using Python, how would you sort an array in descending order?
  2. Without using the default method (eg., arr.sort(reverse=’True’) ) how would you do the same?
  3. Name some modules which you know in Python
  4. Explain the Binary Search Algorithm
  5. What is the difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation?
  6. What is the difference between DDL and DML?

Round 3 (General HR): It took a week after the technical interview for the general HR interview to happen – it happened on the 1st of October. As usual, it started with a self-introduction of myself. I prepared a lot on this for this particular round of interviews and to my satisfaction, I answered it. Then some general questions were asked and I managed to answer them and finally, he asked whether I am okay with the terms and conditions of the company. I said yes and that’s it. The interview came to a close. I got the results of the interview on the 5th of October, and I was selected. I was very happy that I managed to get a job offer from LTI, which is one of the top Global IT Service providers.

General HR:

  1. What are the stages in the Software Development Life Cycle?
  2. If you are owning an e-commerce site, what changes would you make in that, so that your site stands out from the rest?
  3. What are the features you wish to add to WhatsApp?

Tips: The thing starts from the time when you prepare your resume. Be honest with your resume, don’t think that adding more things in a resume will make you stand out. Just make sure that you have basic knowledge in whatever you have put in your resume. Doesn’t matter if the number of things added is few. Prepare on your resume. Be prepared to answer from every nook and corner of your resume. Don’t get into the interview with a negative frame of mind since that might drastically affect your performance. Whatever happens, try to be positive. Don’t get too nervous when you fail to answer a question. There is no interview in which a candidate has answered perfectly. So even after failing to answer a question, you can get selected if you manage to keep yourself positive and answer the rest of the questions in the best way you could. Finally, try to ask the interviewer about where you can improve. You get an idea of how you performed in the interview, and also you are showing yourself to the interviewer as a person who is willing to learn from mistakes. This might create a positive impression of you on the mind of the interviewer. Dress properly, whether the interview is online or in person. Stay strong in your basics, keep yourself positive and that’s it- you are ready to go.

To each and every person reading this, I wish you all the best for your interviews- you still can use my suggestions for the interview rounds of other companies as well. And I hope this article helps you, at least in a small way. Cheers!!

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