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JPMC’s Code For Good Hackathon Experience – 2020

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The very first level includes a coding test. The test consisted of programming based MCQs and two coding questions. One was easy and the other was of medium level.

After the coding test, shortlisted students received a mail. The next round was an online interview on HireVue’s online video interviewing software. Some situational questions were asked. Just be confident and truthful with your answers.

Next up, we received an email to update our details on their official website and also upload the latest resume. After all this, finally, we received an email about being selected for code for a good hackathon.

The Hackathon: It was a 4-day hackathon. The first two days were orientation and guidance purpose seminars. Around 500 students were part of the final hackathon. We were divided into teams of 6-7 randomly. The coding phase of the hackathon was from 8 am to 9 pm. The problem statements were released the same day before the start of the coding phase. We had to fill preference for the problem statements provided by different participating NGOs. We had to provide a solution through a website or application within the given time frame.

After the end of the coding phase, we had to present our solution. Based on this the top 3 teams per problem statement were shortlisted.

On the final day, the top 3 teams had to again present their solution in front of a different panel of judges. And in the end, 1 winner per problem statement was announced and we were lucky to be one among them :).

The Hackathon was organized completely online and JPMC managed it quite well. Mentors were provided for every team and also technical specialists were also available throughout to solve our doubts. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Hope it helps!!!

Thank you:)

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Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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