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JP Morgan Internship Experience

Last Updated : 29 Apr, 2021
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First round : 

It was 2 questions, one linear DP(60 marks) and one was simple array with complex English (40 marks) 
I did 60 marks and got shortlisted, 40 was cutoff. out of around 150 who appeared 37 were shortlist for the interviews. 

Technical interview-1: 

Asked about skills i had in my CV, conceptual questions on JS, ajax, http request and he asked me to design a restaurant management system and then asked me to define it in an OOP way. He tried to check my concepts rather than code.Asked about my internship experience and what did I work during the 1.5 months in my internship after 2nd yr. 

Out of 37 just 15 made it to trigorouscal round-2. Round-1 was rigourous for most of the people and took around 45mins to 1 hour per person. 

Technical round-2 : 

Asked about projects i had in my CV, how i worked on them, why I haven’t used Java in any of my projects and then again back to JS where he asked me to write simple code and was keen on the Object oriented concepts in JS. 
Then he asked me what bootstrap and django is and how i have used them, how infrastructure of django works for a database to a website and draw a block diagram for it. 
Then he asked me some questions related to Bash using simple cat, grep and then awk script concept and that was it. 
Went quite good for me and interviewer was impressed. 

This round was shorter for me and i had to write almost nothing on paper. He scanned every word in my Resume and asked about it. 

Out of 15 people, 13 made it to the HR round. 

HR round : 
Simple questions of family background, introduce yourself, why JPMC, why you got rejected in MS and GS and why did you sit for MS if you have interest in FinTech companies, family background, you would like to be a problem solver or a person who works with scalable technology, and ends with any questions for me? 
I asked about the tech stack and he said he’ll address people when they announced the shortlist. 
The HR was expressionless and it was quite tough to judge what he liked and what he didn’t 

Finally, 11 people were selected and i was one of them. 

Thanks to geeksforgeeks for all the resources!! It has been a savior and would also be in future!!

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