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JP Morgan Code for Good Internship Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2021
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Application Process + Resume 


  • The Code For Good event is the only means by which the students can apply for the Software Engineer Program (SEP) at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • First Step was to Apply for JP Morgan [On Campus] for Software Engineer Program, 2022.  
  • CGPA Cutoff: 7 CGPA & No Backlog [For Application Process]
  • The Students who were in their Second Year of College [4th Semester] were Eligible for this Internship Offer.

Round 1(Online Test):

  • The test was conducted on 20 February 2021. [Fourth Semester of College]
  • Platform: Hacker Rank
  • Time: 75 minutes  
  • Marks:  100 marks having 2 programming questions, each of 50 marks. [There is no negative marking.]
  • Note: It was mandatory to attempt both the questions.  

The difficulty level of these questions was fairly easy.

1. Given an Array of String containing names of Tools (can have duplicates), the Starting index and A Target Tool, find the Minimum Number of Steps required to reach the target tool from the starting index. The Array is Circular, that is, If you reach the End of the array, you can go to its start and vice versa.

Sample Testcase:

Tools : ['saw', 'hammer', 'mallet', 
'file', 'saw', 'ladder', 'scissor']
Starting Index : 6 {i.e. 'scissor'}
To Find : 'saw'



Minimum Steps = min(2 Steps to Left, 1 Step to Right [Circular]) = 1 Step

2. Given a Linked List having either 0 or 1 as its elements, find the decimal representation of the binary number formed by the nodes of the list.

Sample Testcase:  

Linked List = [1→ 0 → 1 → 1 → 0]



Decimal of 10110 = (2^4 + 2^2 + 2^1) = 16 + 4 + 2 = 22

Tip: The Faster you do [with Accuracy], the better are your Chances of Selection.

I completed the test in 14 mins & was Selected for the Next Round.

Round 2(Video Interview):

The Video Interview took place on 10th March 2021 on the Hirevue Platform. There were 2 behavioral-based questions, flashed on screen one after the other. And it’s a recorded video interview, and the best part was that you can Retake your video but only once for each video. You will be given 30 secs to prepare for each question, and then you can start recording your answer.

Online Video Interview Questions:

  1. Tell about your experience when you have been Assigned to Some Task in-School Project, or at Work, and you have done beyond that.
  2. Tell Something that you have to Learn from your Recent Mistake.

Pro Tip: Dress in Formal [Shows you are Serious towards this Internship] during the Interview and Be Natural and Honest [Don’t Bluff] While Answering the Behavioral Question.  

Shortlisting was Based on all three Parameter

  • Resume + CGPA
  • Online Coding Test Performance
  • HireVue Interview Round

JP Morgan Chase announces the final participant shortlist for the Code For Good event on 1 May,2021. I got selected for Round 3 [Code For Good Event].  

Round 3(Code for Good Hackathon):

  • The Hackathon was conducted Virtually all over the country (India). 
  • All the selected candidates are divided into a team of 6-7 members by the company (Different students from Different Colleges). 
  • There are some Workshop Sessions [2 Day Prior to the Actual Hackathon] on Topics like Hackathon Survival Guide, Hackathon Tool Preparation [Trello], FLARE Workshop, Power of Empathy in Coding.

Tip: Please do attend the Workshop, since it would definitely save your time during the real hackathon.

Final Hackathon [2 Day] 

  • On the day of the hackathon, there were be 5 problem statements given by different NGOs connected to the company.  
  • Around 10 mins are given to all the teams to order their interesting statements (It is like Fastest Finger First). Once the time is over they will let you know the problem statement you are Allotted with.

Tip: Be Ready to Submit your Preference within 30 seconds to 1 Minute, So that you get the Problem Statement that You Find it resonating with Teams Strengths.  

  • CFG is 24-hour Hackathon where you are given time till the next day morning and 2-3 Mentors are also allotted to each team and SME’s also be available in case if you need any Technical help. Make sure you commit your changes to GitHub from time to time so that you won’t miss any code.
  • After the hackathon time, We have to upload the project to the portal [BeMyApp], and reviews are done by the Technical team and the Respective NGO. After all, the Reviews at the end of the event Winners would be announced!

Tip: Make a Good Video Covering all the Key Functionalities of the Project.

To clear this round, You need to have knowledge in Full Stack Development and be more Interactive during the hackathon.

Your Team might/might not have Won the Hackathon for the Code For Good Event, But Still, If You Worked Really Well & Mentors Do Acknowledge this Fact then You Chances of Getting Selected Increase.  

You are Judged Based on What you Do in those 24 Hours of Hackathon.

  • How you Divide your Work [Team Work]
  • Considering Others Opinions and Not Dominating
  • Solving Issues with Patience
  • Respecting Everyone in the Group and their Contributions

By End of the Month [31 July 2021] Results were announced and I was Selected for an Internship. 

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