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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 36 (For Internship)

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Morgan Stanley has been operating in India for over 20 years, providing a variety of services to domestic and international clients. The Firm has a premier institutional securities platform in India, offering a full range of investment banking, capital markets, equities, fixed income, commodities and derivative products, as well as research. Their Technology team is headed by Bjarne Stroustrup, Founder of C++ and they have huge scope in technology like machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and many other departments. They are said to handle transactions of trillion dollars a day. ROUND 1: ONLINE TEST The Online test consists of 20 mcq questions and four programming questions. Multi-choice questions were from basics of operating systems, data structures and aptitude. Programming questions were from data structures and simple algorithms. Programming questions were in increasing difficulty level. Nearly 100 people participated in the online test. Around 15 people were selected. Last question was a graph question. Sample:
  1. Regarding Bankers algorithm
  2. Permutation and Combination
ROUND 2: Personal Interview Two interviews were conducted.
  1. Technical Interview
  2. Idea Presentation (which is nothing but HR interview)
In first round of interview basic intro questions and questions about projects were asked. They expect Computer Science students to have a software project or any project with some software aspect. Their marking criteria were programming knowledge (Syntax and Semantics), logic, project, communication skill. Regarding technical questions:
  1. Sorting algorithms and their complexity. And have to write code for any of those
  2. Searching algorithms
  3. Data structure questions
  4. Design a website like Make My Trip (both front end and back end)
  5. Multi-tier architecture
  6. SQL queries and DBMS table
Even if we don’t know the exact answer, they expect us to try. They will also help us to arrive at the answer. Out of 12people,6 were selected. In second round of interview basic hr questions were asked and some people also had stress interview. Their criteria for this round were communication skills, personal attributes like personality and attitude. They try to trigger us with their questions, but we have to remain composed and answer them. Sample questions:
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. How good are you at coding?
  3. Have you ever faced a failure?
  4. Why Morgan Stanley?
  5. What motivates about Morgan Stanley?
  6. Was asked to write a code and review them ourself
  7. Strength and weakness
Out of 6 people, 4 were selected. After announcing the results, they also advised us to focus on our communication skills and personality development.

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2017
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