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Jivox Interview Experience for DevOps Engineer (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020

Jivox is one of the Super-Dream companies that visited VIT in September in the year 2020 for B.Tech placements. Eligibility criteria were 60% or 6 CGPA in Xth & XIIth, 75% or 7 CGPA in pursuing a degree, 60% or 6.0 CGPA in UG Degree (only for PG Students) with no standing arrears.  

Online test: Around 2050 students applied for the job and only 75 students were short-listed for the online test for Devops profile. The Online test has 3 sections. It was held on HackerRank Platform with a time limit of 2hrs 30 min. There is no time limit for each section.

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Technical MCQ- There was a total of 25 MCQs with each question having +5 and -2 marking and these questions are based on the Unix basics, SQL, OS, General Aptitude.

SQL Queries- There is one SQL coding question that is based on joining the two tables and selecting the rows with given constraints.  I would recommend stronghold on the basics of SQL and good practice of SQL questions on Hackerrank.

Coding- The codes were based on the Greedy Algorithm and Dynamic Programming.

  1. Minimum number of Coins (Greedy Algo) 
  2. Maximum area of a rectangle with all 1s (DP Question)

Technical Interview 1: From the 90 students, 10 students are qualified for this round. The interview went for 1.5 hours and the pattern was different for every individual. The pattern of the interview is based on the interviewer. I was asked a basic coding question to convert a decimal number to binary and print the 4th digit from the end. Later the technical questions based on DBMS, os, UNIX are asked. 

  • SQL Question: What is the difference between delete and truncate? What are views and triggers and their implementation and advantages? Finding the number of records in SQL and some other basic questions in SQL?
  • OS Questions: What is a deadlock and how to overcome it? (And some core questions …)
  • UNIX Commands: Finding free memory in Linux? Disk space checking command? How to Hide files from a particular user? Command to move files between directories, How to login to Linux without any GUI?
  • Trending Topics: Difference between AWS and Azure? What are the different SDLC models?  What are some SDLC models used by me in real-time?  Some basic questions on my resume are asked…

Technical Interview 2: The results are sent to individual mail id’s. (Approx) 5 students are selected for this round. The interview went on 1hrs and the questions are based on coding, puzzles, and resume.

  1. Resume: Asked about my projects and draw the schema diagram of an interesting project and the technologies used.

  2. Puzzle:  

  3. Coding: The questions are based on Datastructures and problem-solving.                              

    1. Implementation of linked list and insertion of a node at any given position.
    2. Minimum number of page turns to get to the desired page

HR Round: 2 people were selected for this round. It went for 30min and it was just normal talking with hr. He explained the role and the position they are going to offer. He asked if I have any doubts, clarified them, and told me to wait for the results.  

Result: That’s it. Got a mail from the Placement cell the next morning which stated that I have been selected by the company. Luckily, I am the only person to be selected from my campus.  

Tips: Be confident and well-prepared with the basics of coding. Try to complete the coding questions as early as possible which leads to a better impression on us. The resources in geeks for geeks helped a lot for the DSA preparation.

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