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Jaguar Land Rover Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021

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Jaguar land rover visited our campus for on-campus recruitment.

Background: [Tire-1 IIT, Non-Circuital branch student (Material science and metallurgy)]

Round 1(DSA and Aptitude): 

Round 2(Interview 1): Initially, there were 3 panel members most of them 2-3 yrs older than the final undergraduates and it was pretty easy. 

  • They first asked me to introduce myself and made me comfortable. They introduced themselves. 
  • Later They asked me why I wanted to shift my career path from my department to software and some other basic general questions. The interviewer wanted to know if i could so asked me to solve very basic questions as he isn’t expecting much from me. swap 2 numbers without using any extra variables, efficient way to calculate product of a number with 2 (left shift of bits), intersection of two linked lists. 
  • Later he asked me if I knew anything about DBMS and I said I knew only basic concepts of DBMS and he asked me about ACID properties and Normalisation. Only 5 are shortlisted for round 2 and luckily i was one among them.

Round 3(Interview 2): This round is completely on basis of my resume. 

  • The interviewer wanted to know the depth of the concepts u learned by doing those projects. I mentioned EDA analysis of netflix dataset and todolist using Django. I explained my project in-depth and answered them all the questions they had. Please do not mention projects that you haven’t done by your own or didn’t learn. 
  • Later I was asked to come up with an approach to return a random number from a range of numbers without using random module. I came up with an approach but it wasn’t right but the pannel was soo supportive and they corrected me. Later they asked me what I knew about jaguar and why I want to work at jaguar. 
  • After 2 hours only 2 are selected and I am one of them.

Verdict: Selected

Tips and Advice:

  1. You don’t need a circutal branch degree inorder to work at jaguar so don’t lose hopes that u are not from cse or ee or mnc.
  2. Be open and frank and dont try to sugar coat your interviewers as many of them are from IITs and they will easily catch you.
  3. Do not include anything in resume that you are not at all confident.
  4. Be through with your DSA because that is the only thing that mattters at JLR
  5. Never give up on your abilities. it required lot of patience.

Hope this helps everyone who are preparing for JLR.

Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2021
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