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Introduction To RAT – Remote Administration Tool

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Remote administration means controlling or getting access to any device from another location remotely. Software that allows remote administration is known as Remote Administration Tools. So RAT gives someone access to remotely access your device as you are doing it physically but from any other location. With these tools, another person can access your files, camera, and can even turn off your device. It is based on server and client technology. The server is the main computer that accesses the clients using this software.

Who uses RAT?

Sometimes when our system has a fault then a technical guy accesses our computer remotely through the internet and removes the fault. But many of these remote administration tools are used by hackers to get access to your computer and steal important information from it and harm your data. Usually, hackers attach a malicious code with some kind of game or movie which when downloaded by you comes in your system, and then hackers can easily access your system.

Connection Using RAT

If you have to access a system remotely basic requirement is that both of the devices should be connected to the internet. The user can connect to the host system that is over any other location using RAT software remotely. Hackers make this connection when you are connected to the internet and do some malicious tasks like adding some data, stealing data, corrupting files, shut down the device, etc.

Installation of RAT

  1. Manually: You can install legitimate RAT manually to your system, or someone who knows how to install it. Whereas hackers have their own techniques to install RAT on your system.
  2. Stealthy: Hackers attach these programs with a file on the internet like movie or game. When you download it the malicious software also gets installed to your System and can be accessed.

Activities that can be done using Remote Administration Tool

Hackers use RAT only for illegal activities, such as the ones given below:
  • Hackers can create, delete, rename, copy, or edit any file.
  • The attacker can also use RAT for executing various commands, changing system settings, running, and controlling applications on the victim’s PC.M
  • Hackers can install optional software or worms.
  • Hackers can control hardware, shutdown, or restart a computer without asking the user’s permission.
  • Hackers can steal passwords, login names, personal documents, and other credentials.
  • Hackers can capture screenshots and track a user’s activity.
  • Hackers can get access to the Camera of the victim’s system.

Tips on How to Avoid RAT

  1. Be careful when you are using the internet and downloading files online.
  2. Be careful when taking a P2P file from other users.
  3. Always Enable your Anti-Viruses.
  4. Don’t allow any malicious file to your system.
  5. Update your anti-virus from time to time.

Top Remote Administration Tools

  1. DarkComet: Dark Comet is the best RAT and a free RAT as well as the old one as well. This tool has astounding graphical UI that causes the client to control the system. It is best used on windows and can control any windows device very smoothly.
  2. BlackShades: This is the super RAT shockingly better than DarkComet and it is steady, reliable, and easy to use It’s likewise the speediest RAT at any point made on .net and helps Windows.
  3. JSpy: Jspy Rat is the same as Pussy RAT as created by the same person, with some improvements and in 2013 this was free. It is a decent RAT and one of the safest RAT.
  4. NJRat: It is an amazing RAT to hack into different systems. It gives us a large number of choices that make it different from others. It is very simple to use. It has the malware to use the camera, microphones getting and deleting files, and many more.
  5. Plasma Remote Administration Tools: Plasma RAT is a capable remote administration tool(RAT) which is a customer service application. It’s not just a conventional standard remote administrator tool, it is intended to control a mass measure of PCs without a moment’s delay.

Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020
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