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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 3 (Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore)

Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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General Questions asked for SDE-1 in Samsung Research India Bangalore:

1. client server architecture

2. L value R value reference

3. OOPs concepts

4. MFC COM DCOM definition

5. big n small endian –> how to know a m/c is small or big endian?

6. Templates –> V v v interested in this

7. STL

8. Function pointers : how and y ?

9. Virtual n friend fxn n class : Why n how (behind d scene)

10. Singleton class : Why and how?

11. Abstract n pure virtual : DETAIL – y used, how used?

12. Constant n static fxn n var : difference, use n wats behind d scene?

13. Interfaces

14. Namespaces : do namespaces interact? if yes, how? if no, y not?

15. *p = NULL; – ok? –|__ Which to use and y?

&p = NULL; – ok? –| any error? if yes, y n how(n behind d scene)

16. Scheduling – in detail, which DS to use in which and Y?

17. Class diagrams

18. ACID property usage

19. Which SDLC model to be used where and y? –> scenario based

20. Segments of memory – heap, stack, data, code

21. Which variable goes where in memory? (static, extern, register, auto, const, etc)

22. Size of class

23. Object of d class in the class declaration – when needed?


25. Virtual Destructor

26. Null, smart, wild, void/generic, dangling pointer

27. Diamond problem of inheritance and virtual class

28. Threads

29. Implement 3 stacks using 1 array

30. Deep Copy n shallow copy

31. Runtime error, segmentation fault, compiler error, stack overflow


33. deque

I apologize that I do not remember the questions as asked according to the interviews but this was pretty much it. I got through and I wanna thank Geeks for Geeks for it.

Many many congratulations to the author.

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