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Interesting facts about strings in Python | Set 2 (Slicing)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020

Interesting facts about strings in Python -Set 1

Like other programming languages, it’s possible to access individual characters of a string by using array-like indexing syntax. In this we can access each and every element of string through their index number and the indexing starts from 0. Python does index out of bound checking.

So, we can obtain the required character using syntax, string_name[index_position]:

  • The positive index_position denotes the element from the starting(0) and the negative index shows the index from the end(-1).


# A python program to illustrate slicing in strings 
x = "Geeks at work"
# Prints 3rd character beginning from 0 
print (x[2]) 
# Prints 7th character 
print (x[6]) 
# Prints 3rd character from the rear beginning from -1 
print (x[-3]) 
# Length of string is 10 so it is out of bound 
print (x[15]) 


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 15, in <module>
    print x[15] 
IndexError: string index out of range



To extract substring from the whole string then we use the syntax like

string_name[beginning: end : step]
  • beginning represents the starting index of string
  • end denotes the end index of string which is not inclusive 
  • steps denotes the distance between the two words.

Note: We can also slice the string using beginning and only and steps are optional.


# A python program to illustrate 
# print substrings of a string 
x = "Welcome to GeeksforGeeks"
# Prints substring from 2nd to 5th character 
print (x[2:5])     
# Prints substring stepping up 2nd character 
# from 4th to 10th character 
print (x[4:10:2])     
# Prints 3rd character from rear from 3 to 5 
print (x[-5:-3])       



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