Interesting Facts about Linux

Linux is community-developed and open source operating system for computers, servers, mainframes, embedded devices, and mobile devices. It is supported on nearly every major computer platforms including SPARC, ARM and, x86 building it as one of the most extensively supported operating systems.

Here are some facts about Linux that may interest you:

  1. The first ever Linux kernel just occupied only 65 KB.
  2. As of 2018, there are 20, 323, 379 lines of code in the Linux kernel.
  3. All of the 500 fastest supercomputers run Linux.
  4. Linux runs on everything, smartphones, servers, submarines or space rockets.
  5. Huawei, Intel, Google, Red Hat, Facebook, Canonical and Samsung are among the top contributors to Linux kernel development in recent years.
  6. Linux is written over 95% of in C language, according to data by the website.
  7. Every time a kernel is released, it is given a codename. Recent codenames were “Fearless Coyote” (v4.13) and “Merciless Moray” (v4.18).
  8. In Japan, the bullet trains use Linux to maintain and manage the advanced Automatic Train Control system. The Linux platform is also used in the In-Vehicle-Infotainment technology (IVI) in Toyota and the other automobiles.
  9. We can also run our Ubuntu Phone in windowed mode with little tweaks.
  10. Linux has a specific place in Hollywood. The Visual effects of Avatar and Titanic were developed on Linux platform in 3D applications using the FOSS software.
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